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The pyracantha belongs to the family Rosaceae and is often called as the Firethorn. These are large shrubs with thorny appearance and it usually grows in Southeast Asia and Europe. This shrub can grow as high as 6 meters tall and their flowers are red, yellow or orange when it blooms. The Pyracantha often blooms in early summer or during late spring. Some of the pyracantha types are Pyracantha atalantioodes, Pyracantha koidzumij, Pyracantha rogersiana, and others. there are even hybrid shrubs like the America, Golden Dome, Lalandei, Mohave, Navaio, Orange Glow, Santa Cruz, Teton, etc.


The Pyracantha can is best planted in a semi-shade or shaded area and these grow well when facing east or north walls or fences. The plant is suitable in fertile soils and suitable to be planted in areas where there is partial shade. Even in dry soils, the shrub can still grow in dry soil and even in areas where there are heavy clays. Just make sure that there is no water-logging in your area.

Decorative purposes

The evergreen shrub is mostly grown as a decoration and made as a wall in yards and in parks. In fact, according to expert shrub growers this is a perfect plan to be trained against a fence or a wall. Because of the dense thorny appearance of the shrub makes it a good option when making a wall with impenetrable barrier if you can’t afford making a wall or a fence. Because of its decorative and security purposes, this is then considered by many household to be placed in their yards. Because of this, it can also be a nest for birds because of the food abundances in the berries the Pyracanthas produce.

How to grow Pyracanthas

When it comes to growing a Pyracantha, you need to make sure that the ground or the soil is prepared. You need to dig a hole that is two times as container of the shrub. It is best to mix the soil with some compost and this is advisable to be continued for 3 to 4 years after planting. Before planting it on the ground, remove the shrub from its container and put it in the dug soil. When placing it on the hole, make sure the main stem is above the right level and then add the remaining soil with compost on top of the stem. Then you can water the plants but make sure never to over-water as it can wither the shrub. Make sure there is enough space for draining buy putting pine needles.

Pruning the Pyracanthas

It is essential to prune this shrub so that it can stand on its own and grow taller. Pruning is a process wherein there is removal of some parts like the leaves, the stem, buds, roots and branches of the plant. This is done mainly to eliminate deadwoods or withering parts and also give shape to the plant. Make sure that you are wearing gloves when pruning the Pyracantha because it has long and sharp thorns which can hurt.